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in France

© Dominique DEBELLE

The number of migrants and refugees arriving in France is getting higher every year.

And no one knows  how many more are on their way.

All have already lost everything, even Hope.


“Calais, it is the inhumanitarian in daily life”

wrote “Médecins du Monde” in a report about the French city overhelmed by emigrants. 


Act & Help supports those NGOs in North of France: 


SALAM that has been fighting to protect and feed countless migrants day after day since 2002, after the closure of the Sangatte center. With no roof and no food, migrants suffer arrests, destructions of slums, indecent lack of basic hygiene facilities, early deaths…  For SALAM volunteers, it is a daily fight against despair. 


L’Auberge des Migrants opened in 2008 and, like SALAM, It battles to protect migrants in Calais and to bring them food, clothes and hygiene supplies. It also supports them filing their legal documents. 


SOLIDARINE was founded in Douai in 2009 to bring humanitarian help to some NGOs which care for migrants in Calais. It is fully dedicated to collecting in-kind gifts. It also helps and supports the most underprivileged in Douai. Act & Help is close to SOLIDARINE since its creation.





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