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About us EN

  About us  

Act & Help is a French NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)

founded in 2007, with no political or religious affiliation.

Its goal is to fight poverty and homelessness
for people in greatest need. 

Act & Help actions are centered in Varanasi (Banaras), in one of the poorest states in India, where it manages:


- A home for vulnerable young girls exposed to sexwork, drugs and street violence.

- A school tuition and healthcare program for children from very poor families.

- A vocational training for teenagers from families in dire need.

- The drilling of wells and pumps for free drinking water in poor villages.

- An emergency medical assistance for the slum people.


Act & Help works in India under the auspices of its Indian Partner, the AshaDiya Foundation.


And in France, Act & Help provides support to helpless migrants and refugees by contributing to local NGOs.



Thank you to all of you who are contributing
to our efforts.


Elisabeth Bernard

President Founder

and the members of the Board


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© Vincent John SOIMAUD

Our programs EN

  Our six programs  

We shelter vulnerable young girls.

We offer them a home, education, healthcare and a road to the future.

We bring education, healthcare and vocational training

to slum children. 

Support our engagement to provide education to the most needy, which is
a right for every child in the world.
Water Pumps
We bring free and potable water for all in villages and change the daily life of the poorest.
Vaccines, food, emergency supplies and surgery are the basic actions

of our Help Line for the most destitute.

In France, we support NGOs which protect migrants and refugees coming from countries in total distress.
Our actions EN

  Our actions  

Contact us EN

  Contact us  

Act & Help 

118, quai Louis Blériot
75016 Paris, France


Office  : +33 1 42 30 96 36

Mobile : +33 6 07 23 14 29

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